National Registry of Historical Places

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Restoring the Building

Temple Before Starting
Removing Shingles, Plywood Sheeting the Main Roof & Weather Sealing
Support Bracing of Posts and Portico
Rotted Roof Area Removal
Post Bottom Repair
Portico Roof Replacement
Lanai Post and Railing Replacement
Side Stair Replacement
Lanai Ceiling Replacement
New Roof Shingles Installed and Later to be Painted Red 

Continuing the Work

There is still much left to do:

We still have the back wall and other termite damaged siding and trim to replace.  The roof Dutch gable vents need to be replaced.  The doors, hardware and windows need to be replaced or repaired.  The ridge structures needs to be completed with new carvings and symbols to be crafted, painted and installed.  The exterior needs to be painted white and the black decorative scroll work and trim repainted.  The interior ceiling floors and walls need to be repaired and painted. The electrical wiring and fixtures need to be replaced.

Because this is a registered historic building everything has to be restored as close to the original as possible.  This costs more in time and money than building a new structure.

Restoring the Decorative Carvings

Ornamental Carving Location Pictures
Highlighted With Black Turquoise, Yellow and Red Paint.
Highlighted with Black, Turquoise & Yellow Paint with a ¼” Thick Leaf Overlay.
Three 2 ½” Dia. Black Rods Extending Out 4”- 5” in the Cradles at the Top.
With Paint Scheme to Match with Carving “B”
3 – 2 ½” Dia. Black Rods Extending Out 4”- 5” in the Cradles at the Top.
Hongwanji Mission “Wisteria Vine Symbol” Remnant Overlay


Final Pattern

2 – Wisteria Vine Symbols Located Under Barge Rafters at Each End

3 – Wisteria Vine Symbols Located on Main Roof Ridge Structure

2 – Hana Side, 1 – Ke`anae Side

“Imperial Japanese Government Seal” Remnant Overlay


Final Pattern

1 – “Japanese Government Seal” Located on Each “B” & “C” Carving

Large “Imperial Japanese Government Seal” Remnant Overlay


Final Pattern

3 – “Japanese Government Seals” Located on Ridge Structure

1 – Hana Side, 2 – Ke`anae Side



Velum over Carving “B”

Rubbed with Crayon and Highlighted with Pencil
Left Side Only
Lines Refined by Checking Against Original
Second Velum over Rubbing
Traced and Further Refined for Clean Image
Clean Left Side Image on Velum
Velum Scanned
Right Side Created on Computer
Combined to Form One Drawing of Original
Marine Grade Plywood Cut to Outside Shape
Marine Grade Plywood Glued to Clear Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Cedar Routed to Match Pattern
Drawing Glued to Cedar with Removable Adhesive
Carver Uses Drawing and Original Carving to Duplicate the Original
Final Decorative Carving Duplicate Ready For Painting
Research Shows the Carvings Were at One Time Decoratively Painted.  We Have Strong Evidence That They Were Somewhat as Seen Above.  We Are Still Developing the Final Paint Scheme.  3 – 2 ½” Diameter Rods (Black with White Ends) Extending Out 4”- 5”.  Were Mounted in the Cradles of Each Ridge Carving as Shown.  For Weather and Bug Protection the Wood Will be Impregnated with Epoxy Resin and Painted With Sign Paint That Should Last about 30 Years.
There is still much left to do: 
We are still doing research on the color scheme.  We have none of the symbols and only one carving complete with three more to go before we can even start on painting and re-installing them.  We have to acquire more funding before we can proceed.