Past Events

Each year the HBTPA hosts a traditional bon dance for the Hana community on the originally designated bon dance field of the Temple grounds. This is a very highly attended, vibrant, multi-generational family event, as well as, a unique and culturally significant event in which to honor the ancestors and diverse history of the Hana people.

About The Bon Dance 

In Japan, there is a time, where people pray for the spirits of their deceased relatives and ancestors to be able to obtain Buddhahood without suffering. “Bon-Odori,” as the name suggests, refers to a dance (odori) held during Obon. There are many cases in which the movements of the dances passed down from long ago are made to coordinate with lyrics describing such actions as “harvesting the rice” or “scooping the mud.” The dance is performed around a yagura made from bamboo, a tower in the center of the field. Everyone is encouraged to participate. Several practices are usually offered with instructors weeks before the event. The emphasis on rhythm and lively movement, reverberates through Taiko drum performers. Many people wear a traditional Japanese yukata. This is a colorful and dynamic event that everyone enjoys.

The Hana Bon dance co-ordinates with the other Maui Bon dance festivals and is usually held on the 3rd Saturday of September. 

Planning Events

Currently the Temple is under construction and until given a “Certificate of Occupancy” events cannot be held on the property.  Once restoration is complete we look forward to the Temple opening and serving as a location for community gatherings, educational classes, cultural events and visitation by both locals and visitors alike.